Pregnancy week 8: Your week by week pregnancy guide

Pregnancy week 8: Your week by week pregnancy guide

Your baby can start saying goodbye to that primitive tail and hello to primitive neural pathways! As for you, your sense of smell is heightened and you may be feeling fatigue and nauseated. Don't worry, though, as it will get better!

Fatigue, swelling breasts, and heightened sense of smell… so many changes, both welcome and unwelcome, are happening to your body on pregnancy week 8. And you may not feel it, but your active baby is also undergoing major changes.

How Big is Your Baby?

This week your baby, who is now on his/her last week as an embryo, is growing from 1.6cm to 2.2cm, while gaining mass from 1.6g to 1.8g. That’s about the size of a Bengal currant (scientific name: Carissa carandas).

pregnancy week 8

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Your Baby’s Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you’ll learn that:

  • Although you are still a while away from feeling your baby’s movements, he/she is pretty active and can do a lot now, including flexing his/her wrists.
  • Facial features are becoming more defined, and the ears, upper lip, and the tip of the nose are quite visible.
  • Emerging fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed.
  • Although still pretty tiny, your baby is beginning to form tastebuds.
  • Your baby’s tadpole-like tail is beginning to disappear at pregnancy week 8.

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • The hormones in your body have likely heightened your sense of smell. You are perhaps finding that most smells are causing a strong sense of aversion.
  • While other parts of your body may not yet be showing signs of pregnancy, your breasts most certainly are! They are bigger and heavier because the milk-producing lobules in your breasts have started to expand.
  • You are perhaps still feeling fatigued and nauseated.
  • You’re starting to feel early pregnancy cramps. The ligaments in your abdomen are stretching because your uterus is expanding.
  • You’re experiencing tummy issues. This is quite common and you should not be overtly worried about ingestion, constipation, bloating, or even heartburn troubles. But do take care. If you find them bothersome, call your doctor.
  • Another thing that is happening is that the amount of blood circulating in your body is also steadily increasing. At the end of your pregnancy you will probably have an extra litre and a half of blood in your body.

Pregnancy Care

  • Even though your appetite may be limited, you should eat right and eat healthy. With the baby growing at such speed, both of you need all the nutrients you can get.
  • One of the most important takeaways in this week by week pregnancy guide is to get enough calcium. And remember to take Vitamin D as well.

Your Checklist

  • Get started on looking into infant care as early as now, especially because there is a long waiting list.
  • This may not be a good time to take up prenatal yoga or at least start some medication. Remember, it’s important to relax and not stress yourself out.
  • You might have had to postpone or cancel some travel plans because of acute fatigue and nausea, so here is something that you can do to cheer yourself up: start planning your baby moon well in advance.

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