173 Names For Girls With Meaning From All Cultures And Traditions For 2019

173 Names For Girls With Meaning From All Cultures And Traditions For 2019

Looking for cute AND unique names for your baby girl?

When your little angel arrives, you’ll want to bestow upon her an amazing gift – a beautiful, meaningful name. And we know it’s not an easy task, especially when you’re searching for names for girls with meaning.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of trending names from all corners of the world. Inspired by tradition, pop culture and even geography, you can choose from a list of Asian, Western/European and Trending names.

Whether you find one name or decide to double-barrel two names for twice the cuteness, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

173 names for girls with meaning

names for girls with meaning

Make her happy when you choose from names for girls with meaning | Image source: Shutterstock

Asian names for girls with meaning

There’s a wealth of meaningful names across all Asian cultures! Some of the best names also roll off the tongue so beautifully!

Name Meaning Origin
A-Yeong Elegant, graceful, refined Korean
Abhaya Fearless Indian
Ae-Cha A loving daughter Korean
Ahmya Black rain Japanese
Aika Love song Japanese
Aiko love, affection Japanese
Akira Bright, clear and intelligent being Japanese
Akshita Wonder girl Indian
Ambar The sky Indian
Amrita Spiritual holy water Indian
An Qi (安褀) Happiness/peace & safety China
Ara Be beautiful and good Korean
Asami Morning beauty Japanese
Avantika Queen Indian
Ayeka They have a quick and analytical mind Japanese
Bae Inspiration Korean
Bashira Joyful; predictor of good news Japanese
Bong-Cha The ultimate girl Korean
Byeol Star Korean
Chika Filled with wisdom and intellect Japanese
Chin-Sun The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything Korean
Cho Beautiful Korean
Chun Hei Grace and justice Korean
Chuya Something that is pure and clear like water Japanese
Dhara Constant flow Indian
Divya Divine Indian
Doh Accomplished Korean
Emi A smile that is beautiful and picturesque Japanese
Emica Charming or blessed and beautiful Japanese
Emiko A prosperous and beautiful child Japanese
Fumiko Academic or intellectual Japanese
Gi Brave one Korean
Hea Graceful girl Korean
Hee-Young Joy and prosperity Korean
Hiro Abundant; generous; tolerant; prosperous Japanese
Hiroko Rich child; magnanimous, generous child Japanese
Hwa-Young A beautiful flower Korean
Hyo-Sonn Filial and gentle Korean
Hyun Bright and intelligent Korean
Jae-Hwa Respect and beauty Korean
Jyotsna Radiant like flames Indian
Karishma Miracle Indian
Kumi Forever beautiful Japanese
Kumiko Companion child Japanese
Kyung Mi Honour and beauty Korean
Li Jing (李静) Quick China
Li Min (李敏) Quiet China
Li Na (李娜) Elegant & brave China
Lila Night Arabic
Mi Sun Beauty and goodness Korean
Miyu A beautiful truth, or a beautiful gentleness Japanese
Mohini Most beautiful Indian
Sang Hee Benevolent and pleasant Korean
So Young Eternal, beautiful and prosperous Korean
Soo Min Excellence and cleverness Korean
Sun Jung Goodness and nobility Korean
Sung Successor Korean
Whan Always growing Korean
Yong Perpetual and brave Korean
Young Mi Prosperity, eternal and beautiful Korean
Yun-Yeong Brave hero, forever Korean
Nanami Seven seas or beautiful green vegetables Japanese
Naoko Respectful and submissive child Japanese
Nariko A gentle or a soft child Japanese
Nyla Successful Arabic
Oishi An excellent personality Japanese
Rieko Blessed benefit child Japanese
Rikka Dominant ruler; rich powerful ruler Japanese
Rini One who is like a little sweet bunny Japanese
Sadako The child that is chaste and of integrity Japanese
Saki A blossom of new hope Japanese
Sakura A woman who is like a cherry blossom Japanese
Seika Pure summer Japanese
Seiko A child that is sincere Japanese
Shigeko A child that has everything it needs Japanese
Shreya Beautiful, auspicious Indian
Sueko She who is the youngest child in the family Japanese
Suki A beloved woman Japanese
Sumiko She is a beautiful child of goodness Japanese
Swara Self shining Indian
Tamami A woman who is a beautiful gem or jewel Japanese
Tamiko A child of great beauty Japanese
Tomoe A blessing in the form of a friend Japanese
Tomoko A friendly or a knowing child Japanese
Wang Fang (王芳) Aromatous China
Wang Jing (王静) Quiet China
Wang Li (王丽) Beautiful China
Wang Min (王敏) Beautiful China
Wang Yan (王艳) Glamorous China
Xiu Ying (秀英) Elegant & brave China
Xiu Ying (秀英) Elegant & brave China
Yumi A beautiful archery bow Japanese
Zhang Jing (张静) Quiet China
Zhang Li (张丽) Beautiful China
Zhang Min (张敏) Quick China

European/Western names for girls with meanings

names for girls with meaning

Staple names still popular for names for girls with meaning | Image source: iStock

Some of the most staple names remain popular. Many expect the trend to stay, with the more familiar picks remaining at the top of a lot of Singaporeans’ choices!

Name Meaning Origin
Adeline Noble French
Amaryllis To sparkle Greek
Amelia Work German
Andromeda Advising like a man Greek
Annette The Lord has favoured me French
Arionna Silver Welsh
Bella Beautiful Italian
Bonnie Beautiful Scottish
Brianna Strong, virtuous and honorable Irish
Caitlin Pure Irish
Carys Love Welsh
Chloe Young green shoot / fertility Greek
Christal Christian Scottish
Dahlia Named after the flower Scandanavian
Dottie Gift of God English
Ella All, completely / fairy maiden German
Evangeline Bearer of good news Greek
Evelyn A beautiful bird English
Grace God’s favour English
Hailey Residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley English
Hallie Dweller at the meadow by the manor Norse
Hazel Light brown English
Juliette Youthful French
Linda Pretty Spanish
Lydia Woman from the city of Lydia Greek
Madison Child of Matthew English
Matilda Battle-ready / Strength German
Millie Strong in work German
Olivia Olive branch English
Orla Golden princess Irish
Phoebe The radiant, shining one Greek
Sophia Wisdom Greek
Winnie Peacemaking, gentle friend English

Trending names for girls with meaning

names for girls with meaning

Check out these unique names for girls with meaning | Image source: Pixabay

Don’t want your child to share her name with anyone else? Take your pick of unique and quirky names, such as those inspired by US states, ancient-times or even the Royal family. 

Name Meaning Origin
Abigail My father is joyful Hebrew
Adele Nobility French
Aliza Joyful Hebrew
Ambrosia Food of the gods Greek
Aria Air Hebrew
Ariadne Most holy Greek
Aurora Dawn Latin
Ava Life Latin
Camila A young ceremonial attendant Latin
Cecilia Blind Roman
Chrissy Christian Greek
Clara Bright, clear Latin
Clementine Mild, merciful French
Delilah Amorous, delight Hebrew
Felicia Lucky Latin
Georgia Farmer English
Kale Named after the leafy green Haiwaan
Kate Pure Greek
Leah Weary Hebrew
Leighton Meadow town English
Liv Life Norse
Luna Moon Latin
Mahala Tender Hebrew
Maple Named after the tree English
Margot Pearl French
Meghan Pearl Welsh
Mercy Compassion English
Mila Gracious
European (mixed origin)
Miley English
Natalie Birthday of the Lord French
Nori Doctrine, seaweed Japanese
Patience Referring to the virtue English
Pearl Precious Latin
Rebecca Servant of God Hebrew
Rihanna Sweet basil Arabic
Rosemary Dew of the sea Latin
Ruby Red Latin
Saffron Named after the Indian spice English
Samantha Told by God Hebrew
Savannah Flat tropical grassland Spanish
Scarlett Someone who sells scarlet cloth English
Seraphina Ardent, fiery Hebrew
Serena Tranquil, serene Latin
Silvia From the woods Latin
Violet Named after the flower Latin


Have you found your favourite baby girl name with meaning yet? 

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