Full moon increases women's sexual desire says study

Full moon increases women's sexual desire says study

Evenings under the Full moon will never be the same again.

We all know a full moon when we see one. Round, shimmering and plain mesmerizing. When the moon switches on its charm, there’s little we can do — especially when nature calls for it. It has great influence over many aspects in our lives: from ocean tides, human behaviour, to even the speed of hair growth! But do you also know that the full moon effects on women, especially their sex lives, can be profound?

The Lunar Cycle: Full Moon Effects On Women

Apparently, it seems that the Mid-Autumn Festival is “a great time for love” as women experience “heightened sexual desire during a full moon”, according to reports by China Press.

According to Arnold L. Lieber, the author of The Lunar Effect: Biological Tides and Human Emotions, human body cells are affected by the magnetic field of the moon. 

This becomes especially relevant when you remember that the human body comprises 80 per cent water. So, just like the ocean tides, the moon affects our biological workings in a similar way.   

During a full moon, the gravitational pull increases. It can affect brain function, leading to greater feelings of arousal.

It leads to humans having more energy, feeling more extroverted and connected to our partner, and having more interest in sex.

Full Moon And Fertility

More interestingly, studies have shown that more women ovulate during the full moon than at any other time, and so their testosterone levels peak. This, in turn, makes their sex drive shoot up. 

Apparently, this is known as the “white moon cycle” — a phenomenon where most women “would bleed together at the new moon and ovulate together at the full moon”.

Some women, however, do get their period on the full moon instead, and this is called a Red Moon Cycle.

As to why the full moon is traditionally associated with the ovulation phase, especially on a white moon cycle, functional nutritionist and female hormone expert Alisa Vitti says that it is historically down to the impact of light on the Earth and our bodies.

Full moon increases women's sexual desire says study

The lunar activity affects the liquid in the human body like a biological tide, just like ocean tides. (Photo: Max Pixel)

“The full moon is the Earth’s most fertile time because of the additional light received by plants when there is bright moonlight as well as sunlight.”

Coupled with a peak in estrogen levels, it gives women an additional boost to their confidence, while naturally enhancing all our feminine features.

Our skin “glows” and we become “sharper with our words and ability to express”. Even our voices “becomes more pleasant to the ears”.

A survey by a French dating website backs up this claim, according to AsiaOne. It showed that 37 per cent of the 6,000 women involved worldwide said that “making love in the moonlight makes them happier, and they are more confident about their figure.” 

Full Moon Effects On Women: How To Harness The Full Moon’s Romantic Energy?

full moon effects on women

Curtis Jackson, controller of the California Methodist Hospital, said that more babies were conceived during the full moon.

Though it’s true that a full moon mostly affects women’s hormones and sex drive, but with rising estrogen and testosterone levels in men as well, men can also fall under the spell of a powerful full moon.

How can we make the best out of it then, knowing the full moon effects on women?

Here are some tips:

  • Your emotions can run high; if you don’t pay close attention to them they can easily become imbalanced, so engaging in grounding techniques such as meditation can help. Walking barefoot outside or any other ritual that you feel comfortable with helps too!
  • Spend time out in nature a few days before the full moon. Limit exposure to artificial light sources and technology as they can negatively affect your hormone levels. 
  • Create a space in your home for intimacy. It can be as simple as preparing some scented candles, decking up the bed with clean and fresh bedsheets, or even taking a relaxing bath with a few drops of Lavender essential oils.
  • Let yourself be vulnerable. Unearth all that you’ve been keeping to yourself. No matter what deep, dark secrets you have safely tucked away, the full moon illuminates all and brings light to the dark world.
  • Plan a date night and engage in something romantic. By doing so, you honour the Divine, thus connecting to the source energy with your partner.