Here’s what happened to Quaden after his video went viral

Here’s what happened to Quaden after his video went viral

Bullying is an unwanted, hostile behavior among school-aged kids that involve a factual or perceived supremacy or power imbalance. Such behavior has the potential to be repeated again and again over time. Both the kids who are bullied and who bully other children, maybe have long lasting and serious problems.

Bullying includes some specific actions such as making threats and spreading rumors about others or attacking someone verbally or physically, and not including someone in a group for the purpose of teasing.

Bullying mainly occurs in schools. Sometimes people also bully others, even in universities also. Mostly it can happen during or after school hours. Although most reported bullying cases happens inside the school building, a significant percentage of bullied cases also happen in places like on the playground or inside the bus. It can also happen during the traveling time to or from school, in the kid’s neighborhood, or even on the internet.

Quaden Bayles, who was unfortunately born with a medical condition called achondroplasia dwarfism, is the face of Stand Tall for Dwarfism, a charity or aid organization set up by his upset mother to raise some awareness and understanding of dwarfism and to stop bullying such people. He has apparently undergone multiple operations for his problem and has been bullied badly in the past.

Here’s what happened to Quaden after his video went viral

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Due to becoming a victim of bullying at school for his dwarfism problem, 9-year-old kid Quaden Bayles cry hysterically in the back of his mother's car and said to the camera: "Give me a knife, I want to kill myself." This video becomes viral and Bayles started receiving a huge amount of donations from all around the world. These donations also included air tickets for both Quaden Bayles and his mom to go on a visit to Disneyland.

Mother of Quaden Bayles Yarraka Bayles in the video, which showed her crying son and saying he wants to kill himself said: "This is what bullying does to a kid".

She said, I have just picked him from his school and I witnessed his bullying episode. I also told the principal of his school and I also want people, other parents, educators, and teachers know that this is the effect of bullying someone. Bullying is not fun or sport. It has the power to ruin someone s’ life completely. My son suffered from bullying every single day. Whenever he went to school something happens such as teasing due to his dwarfism, taunting, and name-calling. Please, parents, educate your kids and told them not to hurt others, her appeal.

Here’s what happened to Quaden after his video went viral

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Millions of times this clip has been viewed and led to an expression of public sympathy and consideration. Jackman told Quaden Bayles: “You are a very strong boy than you even know,” and advised everyone to be kind to others.

Yarraka Bayles again said in one place that Quaden was going from his worst or bad day of his life to the best and finest day of his life. He now captured the hearts of people and people started loving him from around the world.

Quaden Bayles, a little Australian kid who was badly bullied at his school for his dwarfism problem and then he received an outburst and an outpouring of support globally and after that video in which he was crying badly and wanting to kill himself, went viral and he led out an Indigenous rugby league team.

While he was walking on the pitch, Bayles held the hand of team captain Joel Thompson. He received extra support from an actor Hugh Jackman, comedian Brad Williams, and a basketball player Enes Kanter in current days.

He also won the support of Hollywood celebrities and the whole world after this video circulated that revealed his miseries of being bullied by school guys. Many people around the world donated through a GoFundMe page which is set up by comedian Brad Williams to support  Quaden Bayles.

Here’s what happened to Quaden after his video went viral

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The Bayles family now says it will donate the charity money to two more charity organizations: one is Dwarfism Awareness Australia and the second is Balunu Healing Foundation, which also supports the indigenous or aboriginal youth in Australia.

Bullying has the power to affect every person who are bullied and those who bully others, even those who witness bullying events. Bullying is basically linked to many negative results, including bad effects on mental health and become the cause of suicidal thoughts. It is very important to guide kids not to tease other kids and not to bully anyone in school and college.

There are a lot of warning signs that indicate that someone is affected by bullying either being bullied by others or bullying other persons. Recognizing the signs is an essential first step in taking any action against the bullying. It is a significant step to talk with children who show warning signs of bullying to stop it.

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