5 easy ways to set your daughter on the path to success

5 easy ways to set your daughter on the path to success

Empower your daughter as early as now!

As a loving and supportive parent, you would want to secure your daughter’s future. Your little girl can be a cool pilot, a brave soldier, an amazing surgeon, a brilliant engineer, an innovative chef, a strong Olympian. She can be Wonder Woman! Honestly, she can be anything she wants to be!

Yes, we all want a bright future for our daughters.

Build up your daughter's future starting today!

Build up your daughter’s future starting today!

How Can You Build Up Your Daughter’s Future?

Why is your daughter’s future at risk?

You want her to receive the same respect, rights and pay as her male counterparts, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t want her to be labeled on what she can and can’t be, right?

However, gender inequality among men and women is still present, despite activists across several social spheres stepping up and raising their voices against it. Gal Gadot, Beyonce, Michelle Obama and Emma Watson are just some of the big stars who fight for gender equality.

your daughter's future starting today!

your daughter’s future starting today!

Where does this kind of thinking come from?

There are different theories on why women are on the receiving end of social injustices. Some say that we are bad with negotiating, and if we do negotiate, women are turned down or tagged as “aggressive,” for example.

However, have you ever considered that this might  be because of how our mind was programmed when we were little?

A recent study was conducted which proves “that kids easily adopt beliefs they hear about their gender, which in turn can affect their real-life performance.” Meaning, if you tell your daughter that she is bad at Math, she would most probably shy away from becoming an engineer or a mathematician, thus, limiting her career options.

What Can You Do to Build-Up Your Daughter’s Future?

Anea Bogue, M.A., an acclaimed self-esteem expert, educator, shares some ways on how to help your daughter reach her full potential. Here’s how!

1. Teach her how to respectfully speak up

Yes, you want your daughter to be polite, but you also need her to confidently speak her mind when it is appropriate to do so. Let her know that it is alright to debate, disagree, negotiate, state her opinion and defend it among her peers.

2. Mix up her toys

Avoid buying her gender-specific toys. This is vital for your daughter’s future.

A 2009 study found that 31% of “girl” toys are all about appearance, involving plastic makeup and dresses. While toys for boys “encourage invention, exploration, competition, mobility, problem solving – all skills associated with highly desirable employees and leaders.” Do you notice the difference?

You can get your daughter a Barbie, but also, let her play with toys that can develop problem solving, exploration, and scientific discovery skills too! There are also a bunch of STEM toys (think LEGO) that help with this.

3. Amplify her achievements, positive qualities and skills

“Wow, Sam! You learned your multiplication table real quick!”
“You write so well, Lina! Good job!”

These are sample statements of uplifting commendations that can help boost your daughter’s confidence. Focus and uplift her positive attributes as much as you can.

As Bogue says,” By making a concerted effort to reward, acknowledge and show a genuine appreciation for her non-appearance-based achievements, we will start to send clear messages that her value does not begin and end with the way she looks.”

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

4. Redefine ‘Princess Culture’

Princess culture encourages girls to be damsels in distress whose role it is to look good and wait for a handsome prince to swoop in, ‘save her’ and bring value to herself and her path,” says Bogue.

Inculcate a “warrior princess” mentality to your knowing daughter as this promotes independence and resiliency.

Tip: Watch Tangled, Moana or Brave with your girl! These movies show amazing girl power!

5. Display a ‘can do’ attitude!

Show your daughter that what Daddy can do, Mummy can as well! Switch up chores at home. Let daddy wash the dishes while allowing your daughter to take the garbage out and vice versa.

She’ll learn that she can do what boys can, and even exceed expectations!

Secure your daughter’s future and empower her as early as now and see her grow into a strong and independent woman who can make the world a better place. Try the steps above!


Source: Forbes

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