21 Heart-Touching Poems About Miscarriage

21 Heart-Touching Poems About Miscarriage

Verses that validate love, loss, and longing for grieving parents

It’s always hard and heart-breaking for an expecting couple to lose their baby.  The death of one who has barely lived leads to seemingly infinite questions, tears, doubts, and the darkest of thoughts, episodes, and emotions. Words and poems about miscarriage, however – whether written, spoken or read by one who has loved and lost – can be cathartic, enlightening, and encouraging, especially when strung together superbly to form a poignant piece.  As the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, the advantage of the written word is that “it lasts, and can await the time when it is allowed to take effect.” 

May these twenty-one poems about miscarriage that radiate sincerity and sympathy, and speak from the heart, help you move on and remind you that you are not alone in your journey of hope, healing, and parenting.

21 beautiful poems about miscarriage

1. A Heartbeat in Heaven

By Wendi 



Time has allowed me to feel joy again,

but I know I’ll never be the same.

Losing you left a hole, an ache, and a horrible pain.

I have wept and wept, yet still break down.

A dream was lost, your heartbeat silenced,

my world was frozen without sound.

The dark shadows of grief

have consumed a whole year of my life.

My husband has watched me

cry and battle depression, instead of being his wife.

As we approach that daunting day, 

that joy was ripped out of me and taken away.

I have to remember that you are home to stay,

with a heartbeat in heaven, where you will forever play.


2. So Wanted, So Loved

By Katie C



Though I only saw you as an image on a screen,

I still love you, with every inch of my being.

Today is the day you were meant to be here,

and I have shed many, painful, tears.

Dad and I miss you every day.

We wish we could have been with you

as you journeyed on your way.

We wish we could hold you,

and kiss you, and say,

“We love you, our child, every day.”

Our hearts have been broken, but it left not a scar

Just the sweet little handprint you left on our heart.


3. Lullabies

Author Unknown


Daddy, please don’t look so sad.

Mummy, please don’t cry.

‘Cause I’m in the arms of Jesus

and He sings me lullabies.

Please try not to question God,

don’t think He is unkind.

Don’t think He sent me to you

and then He changed His mind.

You see, I am so special

I was needed up above.

I’m the special gift you gave Him,

the product of your love.

I’ll always be there with you,

so watch the sky at night.

Find the brightest star that’s gleaming,

that’s my halo shining bright.

You’ll see me in the morning frost

that mists your windowpane.

That’s me, in the summer showers,

I’ll be dancing in the rain.

When you feel a gentle breeze

from a gentle wind that blows,

That’s me! I’ll be there,

planting a kiss upon your nose.

When you see a child playing

and your heart feels a little tug,

That’s me! I’ll be there,

giving your heart a special hug.

So, Daddy please don’t look so sad.

Mummy please don’t cry.

‘Cause I’m in the arms of Jesus

and He sings me lullabies.


4. 6 Weeks

By Lacie Lederman (Lacie LaRae)  



I’ve never loved someone so quickly

and lost them just as fast.

The pain, you’d think, would be fleeting

but in fact it’s worse and longer-lasts.


The connection is inexplicable,

incomparable to any I’ve known.

The hollowness that’s been carved out

echoes each of my mournful moans.


And now to take this burden

and share the heaviness of sorrow…

How cruel am I to spread this ache

and ruin not one, but two tomorrows?


Lost as how to fathom trying again

to fill the upstairs crib and bedroom,

within a silence that bleeds sadness,

we are husband, wife, and empty womb.


5. How Do You?

Author Unknown

poems about miscarriage

Image source: iStock

How do you love a person who never got to be?

Or try to envision a face you never got to see?

How do you mourn the death of one who never got to live,

when there’s nothing to feel good about and nothing to forgive?

I love you, my little baby, my companion of the night.

Wandering through my lonely hours, beautiful and bright.

What does it mean to die before you were ever born,

to live the lovely night of life and never see the dawn?

Ah!  My little baby, you lived like anyone!

Life’s a burst of joy and pain.

And then like yours, it’s done.

I love you, my little baby, just as if you’d live for years.

No more, no less, I think of you, the Angel of my tears.



6. For Hands that Never Clasped Another’s Own

By hiraeth



Your eyes will never glimmer, water-clear,

to watch the spray-white swells of sand and shores,

and never will you glimpse the moss-wild moors

beneath the winter stars so far and sere.

Your hands will never clasp another’s own

and sense the ebbless tides of blood within,

nor feel the fire of veins beneath your skin,

your plum-ripe flesh, exactingness of bone,

and never sun aflame and dusk-thick air

will laze your limbs in languor of their heat.

No, winds can never billow, aster-sweet,

to loose the lilied ravels of your hair,

for all you are is never will or would –

but there was one who loved you while she should.


7. My Beautiful Storm

By A.N. Gavino 



Two years ago, I grieved

the loss of a child unborn.

The names I chose 

still burn in my mind.


Fast-forward 365 days, maybe more.

I was freshly aware

of a new seed sprouting inside.

Terrified, elated,

relieved at the sound of a pulse.


Ten months of worry, every second.

Is she moving?  Is she there?

Will I be a good mum?

Will we make it?

And how?


Skip to now,

it’s been six months,

since my miracle

took in her first gust of air.

She is a rainbow,

a bright and beautiful sight

which graces one after a storm.


8. In a Baby Castle

Author Unknown


In a baby castle just beyond my eye,

my baby plays with angel toys that money cannot buy.

Who am I to wish her back into this world of strife?

No, play on my baby, you have eternal life.

At night when all is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes,

I’ll hear her tiny footsteps come running to my side.

Her little hands caress me so tenderly and sweet,

I’ll breathe a prayer and close my eyes,

and embrace her in my sleep.

Now I have a treasure that I rate above all other.

I have known true glory; I am still her mother.


9. When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Author Unknown


When tomorrow starts without me

and I am not here to see,

if the sun should rise

and find your eyes,

all filled with tears for me.

I wish so much you wouldn’t cry

the way you did today,

while thinking of the

many things we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you love me,

as much as I love you,

and each time you think of me

I know you’ll miss me too.

But when tomorrow starts without me,

please try to understand,

that an angel came and called my name

and took me by the hand.


10. A Lost Gift

poems about miscarriage

Image source: iStock

By Dianna



My first gift was your father,

and then God gave me you.

The emptiness I feel inside

is too deep to call untrue.


Oh little one, you see,

it’s very hard for me. 

I’ll never try to understand

why we never touched your hand.


They say there’s always a reason,

but that doesn’t ease our pain.

You’ve made me cry, to say goodbye…

To know I can, and will again,

is a blessing, without end.


11. What Makes a Mother?

Author Unknown


I thought of you and closed my eyes

and prayed to God today.

I asked what makes a mother,

and I know I heard him say:


A mother has a baby.

This we know is true.

But God, can you be a mother

when your baby’s not with you?


Yes, you can, He replied,

with confidence in His voice.

I give many women babies,

when they leave is not their choice.


Some I send for a lifetime

and others for a day.

And some I send to feel your womb,

but there’s no need to stay.


I just don’t understand this, God

I want my baby here!

He took a breath and cleared His throat,

and then I saw a tear.


I wish I could show you

what your child is doing today.

If you could see your child smile

with other children and say:


We go to earth to learn our lessons

of love and life and fear.

My Mummy loved me oh so much,

I got to come straight here.


I feel so lucky to have a Mum

Who had so much love for me.

I learned my lesson very quickly,

My Mummy set me free.


I miss my Mummy oh so much,

but visit her each day.

When she goes to sleep,

on her pillow there I lay.


I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek

And whisper in her ear;

“Mummy don’t be sad today,

I’m your baby and I’m here.”


So you see, my dear sweet one,

your children are okay.

Your babies are here in My home,

and this is where they’ll stay.


They’ll wait for you with Me,

until your lesson there is through.

And on the day that you come home,

they’ll be at the gates for you.


So now you see what makes a mother,

it’s the feeling in your heart.

It’s the love you had so much of

right from the very start.


Though some on Earth may not realize,

until their time is done.

Remember all the love you have

and know that you are a special mum!


12. I Thought It Would Be Okay

By Anna



First time…


It’s common

Years ago people wouldn’t have known

Late period

Early tests now


Second time…


I’m sorry, your baby seems to be a little small

Surgical, medical or natural?

Just bad luck

More common than you think




A tiny heartbeat, then the next week a new sonographer

“How sure are you of your dates?”

Phew, some help and testing now

No cause found

More likely to have a baby than not





Brief thoughts of a pram and a cot

Next day no line

Bam, all done




Here we go again

Don’t worry, brown blood is old blood

Try to relax

All gone within two weeks, no traces it ever happened on the screen




Groundhog Day

methotrexate this time

Crushing despair, I’ve failed again

Hope fading fast and feeling ashamed

Our hearts ache to be Mum and Dad




Two joyful scans and then silence and a gentle voice at the third

I can’t do this again

We’re not doing this again

Exhilarating relief and gut wrenching grief all at once


Adoption assessment…


Daring to hope

Intrusive questions week in week out

Cautiously looking at baby things online

We might be parents soon


13. The Grief Shuffle

By Tanya Lord



It’s the saddest dance

invented by none,

danced by many

but not any fun.


Take a step forward,

then two steps back,

step side to side,

try to stay on track.


The music will change,

it will always be new.

The steps are unknown,

you won’t have a clue.


The dance continues,

we stumble and fall.

We pick ourselves up

and love you through all.


14. To the Child Who Lives in My Heart

By creninthefrenin



To the child who lived in my mind for a day,

To the niece or nephew who was

I hope you’re in heaven enjoying your stay

With the brother or sister I never knew.

And my grandfather on my father’s side

and my mother’s sister too.

And if you were born, I’d hold you, all warm

and coddle you in my arms.

But I’ll hold your big brother and your baby sister

and I’ll hold you near in my heart.

So know that you’re here, ever present and dear,

in this place that I keep in my chest.

And though but for a day, your memory won’t fade,

any more than all of the rest.


15. Imagination’s Powerful

By Neon4Eternity



Imagination’s powerful,

but can I say I hate it too?

I shouldn’t have to wonder

what a moment’s like with you.

Yet that is what we’re left with

so I can strongly say,

this is what it would be like

to have you here today.

Every single moment

would be full of love and care.

You look like him, you look like me,

this combination is quite rare.

Not any other human

will ever seem the same.

I should be looking in your eyes,

not looking in a frame.

I can see you in the mirror,

I can see you by my side.

But only I can see you

because you’re always on my mind.

I know the school you’d go to,

I know what you would wear.

I know what you’d be eating

and how you’d have your hair.

I know your favourite toy,

and that you’re scared without the light.

And I know what I would have to say

to make things all alright.

But Brookie Bear you’re gone,

this isn’t how things are.

My imagination’s powerful,

but it can only go so far.

I cannot bring you back,

just know I love you so.

And dear, there are no lengths

that are too far to go.


16. Every Night

poems about miscarriage

Image source: iStock

By Katrina



She cried herself to sleep last night,

thinking of me again,

with a broken heart and tears in her eyes,

and the pain that never ends.


I reached out a hand to her

and wiped the tears away.

I know she cannot see me,

but here is where I’ll stay.


My mother loves me dearly,

I know this to be true,

for I am always with her,

if only she knew.


I watch her wipe the tears away,

I see her put on that smile.

She says honestly I’m okay,

and it works for a while.


For I am with her all the time,

and every night’s the same.

She lays her head down to rest,

and the crying starts again.


I stroke her face and kiss her cheek,

and whisper in her ear,

It’s time to go to sleep now, mummy,

I am always near.


I hold her hand and tell her every night,

I love you with all my heart too.

Don’t worry, mummy, I’m okay,

I just really miss you.


I know I left too soon mummy,

I never breathed your air.

But it’s okay, mummy, I promise,

I know it seems unfair.


Every night next to you,

here is where I’ll stay.

Until that time we meet again,

and in your arms I’ll get to lay.


17. The Tiny Rosebud God Picked to Bloom in Heaven

By Helen Steiner Rice


The Master Gardener from heaven above

planted a seed in the garden of love.

And from it there grew a rosebud small

that never had time to open at all.

For God in His perfect and all-wise way

chose this rose for His heavenly bouquet.

And great was the joy of this tiny rose

to be the one our Father chose,

to leave Earth’s garden for one on high

where roses bloom always and never die.

So, while you can’t see your precious rose bloom,

you know the Great Gardener from the Upper Room

is watching and tending this wee rose with care,

tenderly touching each petal so fair.

So think of your darling with the angels above,

secure and contented and surrounded by love.

And remember God blessed and enriched your lives too.

For in dying, your darling brought heaven closer to you!


18. Angels, Two

By MammaMaher



It happened again

As the clouds rumbled in,

And the rain poured down on my head.


It happened once more.

My heart slowly tore,

As I felt the sharp sting of such gloom.


What more could I do?

But wish I kept you

Knit safely within my womb.


The grey covered sky

Will represent I,

The mother who bore angels, two.


19. Tiny Footprints

By Tamara Barker (Hope’s mommy)


These are my footprints,

so perfect and so small.

These tiny footprints,

never touched the ground at all.


Not one tiny footprint,

For now I have my wings.

These tiny footprints

were meant for other things.


You will hear my tiny footprints

in the patter of the rain.

Gentle drops like angel’s tears,

of joy and not from pain.


You will see my tiny footprints

in each butterfly’s lazy dance.

I’ll let you know I’m with you

if you just give me a chance.


You will see my tiny footprints

in the rustle of the leaves.

I will whisper names into the wind,

and call each one that grieves.


Most of all, these tiny footprints,

are found on mommy’s heart.

‘Cause even though I’m gone now,

we’ll never truly part.


20. Missing Pieces

By Kylie / Breastfeeding Mums



Your first Christmas came without you,

you’re the unopened secret screams.

We carry you in our broken hearts all day,

and unwrap you in our dreams.


I see you in every bulging belly,

in every Mother’s thoughtless kiss.

I see you in empty baby shoes,

I see you in that, I see you in this.


You’re in every why can’t that be me,

and the tears hidden in my car.

We wonder who we are without you,

we wonder where you are.


You were here before you weren’t,

there was a future with you in it.

Now you’re the broken parts of us,

and the missing piece of every minute.


21. Because I Could Not Stop for Death

By Emily Dickinson


Because I could not stop for Death,

He kindly stopped for me.

The Carriage held but just Ourselves

and Immortality.


We slowly drove, He knew no haste

and I had put away

my labor and my leisure too,

for His Civility.


We passed the School, where Children strove

at Recess in the Ring. 

We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain,

we passed the Setting Sun.


Or rather, He passed Us —

The Dews drew quivering and Chill —

For only Gossamer, my Gown,

my Tippet, only Tulle.


We paused before a House that seemed

a Swelling of the Ground.

The Roof was scarcely visible,

the Cornice in the Ground.


Since then — ’tis Centuries — and yet

feels shorter than the Day.

I first surmised the Horses’ Heads

were toward Eternity.


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